Since energyclubnz launched in July 2017 we have been committed to playing our part in helping New Zealand reduce its impact on the environment. This was one of our driving motivations behind starting the business. Prior to our launch we became a Gold sponsor of Generation Zero’s ‘Zero Carbon Act’. We are also very proud signatory to the Climate Leaders Coalition and are constantly looking for ways we can reduce our operational emissions and help our members to reduce their carbon intensity.

Our business model is designed to be less carbon intensive:

  • Our operational team work from home removing the commuting time and distance from their days and maximising their time with their families. In the last year this has taken the equivalent of 34,292km of driving off the road (7.9tCO2e) and removed unnecessary office space (4.62tCO2e). This totals 12.62tCO2 equivalent removed.

  • Heavy reliance on digital technologies has significantly reduced our business travel.

  • We have eliminated almost all printed paper from our operations and are working with our suppliers to reduce inbound mail, statements and issued paper contracts.

  • In the last year our weekly email billing operation has issued more than 200,000 bills electronically without even printing a piece of paper or using a single stamp.

In the last Financial Year (1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019) our emissions from all of our operations have totalled 12.93tCO2e (tonnes of CO2 equivalent).

This is the first year that we have measured our emissions.

We have offset this carbon by investing in planting more native trees. This investment has also been matched by our Founders.

More about the Climate Leaders Coalition

energyclubnz signed up to the Climate Leaders Coalition and Statement, run by the NZ Sustainable Business Council, alongside 60 other Kiwi businesses that share the same vision of a low emissions economy and commitment to demonstrating the role businesses play in climate change. Across the last year the number of signatories have now increased to over 100 businesses including many of the largest companies in the Country.'

We all have a role to play in fixing the climate problem

Across the next year energyclubnz will continue to focus on the areas, in our control, that we believe can help to drive down emissions including:

  • Continue to play a role in educating kiwi families on how to reduce their energy usage and climate impact.

  • Driving our real-time weekly paperless billing that gives members more visibility and control of their energy usage.

  • Understand, develop and help drive the adoption of solar in New Zealand. Across the last financial year we have increased the solar buy-back rate by +23% from 8 cents/kWh to 9.674 cents/kWh.

  • Understand better newer technologies and how then can deliver value to our members

How do we influence the areas in our Industry that we are not in control of?

We will play a big role in helping to call our Industry to account. Every time New Zealand burns a lump of coal in the generation of electricity it takes away an opportunity from our future generations. Too many of the traditional electricity providers seem to focus on the electricity that they are generating (and therefore reporting emissions on) rather than the electricity their customers are actually consuming from the grid at any point in time. We call this green-washing. We believe this misleading market activity has to stop and all the Generators need to accelerate their plans to a carbon-free New Zealand.