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We have no fixed term contracts, no risk - just everyday low prices for you.

We help you stay in control of your electricity cost with weekly billing and smart tracking of electricity usage.

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How does it work?

You'll be happy to know you're with the only electricity retailer in New Zealand that doesn't profit from you using more electricity.

You pay for the electricity you use with 'zero markup'. So the more you use, the more you end up saving.

There's also a small weekly club fee added to your account that helps us keep the lights on at energyclubnz.

Easy to switch

Switching is easy. Simply fill out your details in our online sign up form and we will take care of the rest!

Your electricity will continue to work as normal and you will be transferred to energyclubnz within 10 business days. You don’t even need to speak to your current electricity provider, we’ll take care of your switch and they’ll automatically send you your final bill.

Switch, Save & Smile

We treat loyal customers the same as new customers by giving everyone risk-free 'zero markup' prices - now that's fair!

Our club members always smile when they receive their weekly bills and see how low their prices are and how their usage habits directly affect their bill - empowering them to use their electricity smarter.

Join the energy company that always passes the savings to you, switch to energyclubnz today.

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