LOW PRICING - Our Customer Promise

With energyclubnz you pay for your electricity at cost plus a small weekly Club Fee ($5 per week for Standard Users).

This means that we are the only electricity retailer in New Zealand that doesn't profit from you using more energy.

You will receive 'low everyday rates' on your electricity which means that you know exactly what you will be paying. We don't do what the industry calls 'Spot' pricing. This is where your rates can fluctuate during the day dependent on what is happening in the wholesale markets.  'Spot' pricing can be beneficial for customers when prices are low but unfortunately it won't be as good when prices are high! We believe that people have more important things to worry about than what is the latest cost of their electricity so we smooth our prices across an entire year.

Sometimes we will have to estimate some of our costs across a year. If we manage to deliver lower costs than we originally expected from our suppliers we will give the saving back to the future benefit of our Club members.  We call this #powertogiveback.

Smart Tracking

It's really simple, you can download our app from either the Apple or Android app stores. We'll graphically display your energy consumption - at a glance you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for, too easy!

Some smart meters will even allow us to display your consumption in 30 minute periods so we will be upgrading our consumption graphs across the coming months to help you identify those periods of really high consumption and what may be causing it.

Remember, we're the only energy retailer in New Zealand that doesn't earn more, when you use more. Returning, "Power to the people" makes us your energy partner. Together we can all use less energy and save money.

Hassle Free

At energyclubnz we strive to make it as easy and fair for our customers as we can.

This means:

  • No fixed term contracts - we don't lock you in under any fixed terms, you are free to leave whenever you like or need (but with our low, fair pricing we think you might choose to stay)
  • No break costs - we won't penalise you if you choose to leave
  • No risk - we have a flat rate and don't expose our customers to spot price fluctuations
  • No paperwork - our easy signup process is entirely online based
  • Easy switch - you fill in your details into the online signup process and we'll handle everything from there! Too easy!

Like the sound of this? give us a try