Points to consider before changing your user type:

  • Our annual estimate for your usage is based on the average annual usage profile for your local network. Your annual usage profile may be different to your local network average, depending on your individual circumstances.

  • Has your usage so far with energyclubnz been been typical for your address? If not, you may want to consider if you still want to change user type at this time. Some non-typical usage causes are being on holiday or having had more people staying at your address temporarily.

  • Most networks only allow you to change user plan once every 12 months so before you make the decision to change plans - think about what might impact your usage in the next 12 months - things like new appliances, changes to the number of people living at your property, etc. could have an impact.

  • Low User plans are only available at your Primary Residence.

  • If you are unsure if you should change user type, or want more information get in touch with us at support@energyclubnz.com.

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