If you would like to always have your payment deducted on the same day of the week please fill out the form below to fix your payment day.

Please note:

  • If you are submitting this request after you have been invoiced but before the payment has been deducted, the payment date fix will take effect from your next invoice.

  • By fixing your payment day you understand that you will have your payments deducted on the same day each week and your club fee may be adjusted pro rata for the number of days of reads we have received for your meter. This means your club fee could be less one week, but caught up in a following week.

OPTIONAL - If you leave this field blank we will commence your fixed payment day at the earliest possible date.

Why would you want to fix your payment day?

By default, we issue invoices based on 7 days worth of meter reads and deduct the payment from your account 2 business days later. Sometimes meter reads come through later than our invoice processing which can push your payment a business day later than usual.