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  • Please fill out the form below to submit your direct debit details to set up your weekly energyclubnz automatic payment.
  • New Zealand bank accounts are 15-16 digits long and are made up of four sections, they are:
    • Bank Number
    • Branch Number
    • Account
    • Suffix
  • Please view the diagram below and then enter each section into the relevant field in the form.
  • Note: The suffix can be either 2 or 3 digits in length.

Sole Signing Authority *
I confirm I have sole signing authority on this bank account.

Sole signing authority means: If the account is a joint account, either account holder has the authority to sign on the other account holder’s behalf. If you have a joint account which requires multiple signatories, please click here for the printable version of our direct debit form.
Bank Authorisation *
I authorise my bank to allow energyclubnz to direct debit this account with amounts in accordance with this authority and accept this authority is subject to my Bank’s Terms and Conditions that relate to my bank account.
Terms and Conditions *
I have read and accept the Direct Debit Terms and Conditions.