The energyclubnz Team

What does the term team mean to energyclubnz? For us, a “team” consists of talented people who really trust one another and share a passion for delivering big things - and that is exactly what our team is all about! From our customer services team through to our executives, we are all rolling up our sleeves to make a difference.


David, the founder of energyclubnz, describes our team as a “diverse bunch”, as we currently represent eight nationalities but all of us call New Zealand home. As team members, we each have the opportunity to work from any geographical location we want, providing it is in New Zealand and has great internet connection. This means we can spend less time commuting and more time with our families. Fortunately, we all still manage to stay connected by meeting virtually ‘on screen’ every day.


David explains, “The members of the executive team that report to me are all talented females, which brings a new meaning to the phrase “Girl Power”, and our leadership team ranges in age from 28 through to me, the old git at 49”.


David is passionate about helping individuals unlock their own talents in order to develop and perform brilliantly at any level. In fact, we have just hired our newest and very first senior high school student (at the age of 17). She is the Head Girl of a local school who is passionate about wanting to help us do things differently. In fact, she’s already focusing on the environment as part of her ‘Big Impact’ school project, which we love. She thinks what we are doing is “cool and exciting”, which reminds the team of why we started this business.


Some might say that other parts of the industry will try and slow us down in the future, which is to be expected, because together as a team we are creating our own little revolution that continues to deliver big savings to the hard-working households of New Zealand.