The energyclubnz Journey - Part One: changing the system

Behind all growing enterprises, there’s a dream and someone with a passion to run with it. At energyclubnz, our dream is to deliver fair prices and big savings to the hard working kiwi families.

To mark the one-year celebration of energyclubnz, we asked our founder, David Goadby, why he decided to create an electricity business. Having worked in the energy sector as an executive in three different countries, David was tired of the same old electricity model that he experienced in each market. Existing retailers were making money off every kilowatt hour (kWh) sold and were charging loyal customers more to give the new customers cheap rates, which he didn’t find fair. 

In David’s words, “After hearing “this is how we have always done it” one too many times, I was motivated to turn my frustration into action and create an electricity business that would do good for not only its members but the community and country also.”

David Goadby, Founder

David Goadby, Founder

“At this time, I was becoming more and more concerned about my generation’s role in respect to the environment. It takes a couple of hundred million years for coal to form and New Zealand is still burning it for just a small percentage of our electricity production. This just does not sit right with me, particularly when you think about New Zealand’s clean, green image. I myself would rather my own children measure our generation by “what did you do to help save the environment?”. This point was a massive motivator for our proposition for energyclubnz to lead in supporting Generation Zero’s ‘Zero Carbon Act’, and become a Gold sponsor even before we had officially launched.”

With this strong desire to change the traditional system and the drive for sustainability, energyclubnz was created with a new model of ‘electricity at cost for a small weekly club fee’. It was important for this model to be highly efficient as we wouldn’t be making any money out of the electricity (hence the weekly fee to keep our own lights on), and we wanted to motivate people to reduce their usage and bills, which is something that we believe traditional energy companies just aren’t motivated to do. 

Things kicked off pretty fast from this point, and in less than five months from hiring our first employee, energyclubnz was live - we had our very first sign-up in June 2017 from Auckland, with our growth multiplying from hereon.

Stay tuned for our next post which covers the next chapter of our journey!