The energyclubnz Journey - Part 2: The good and the (not so) bad

Ambition is important. All start up-brands start small and it is the desire to overcome the barriers that creates success for the company. Behind energyclubnz’s savings, is a challenger brand whose pricing strategy means they need to keep costs down - which definitely required determination in the early days to make it succeed. 

David shared with us a few memories and challenges that he came across throughout the journey of energyclubnz. 

“The hardest challenge in the early days was that we had to use our accountant’s address because we didn’t even have our own office. In fact, we still don’t have one, but now we’re lucky enough to occasionally grab a desk and a coffee in one of the Stuff offices across the country”.  

A learning curve of the journey was knowing how to get keep marketing costs low. One initiative included making the most of our blank spaces - the energyclubnz company car that is featured on the Facebook page is in fact David’s personal vehicle. 

In David’s words, “Why waste any space, whether it be a car or a piece of clothing, when it can be branded? I turned my personal car into a heavily branded company vehicle by displaying the pink and blue energyclubnz logo. In fact the car even facilitated a holiday to the South Island and featured in my holiday photos that I later used for social media to announce our new network launches (by the way, that’s 16 launches in the past 5 months).”

Amid these memories, there is one highlight of the journey that stands out for the whole team, the signing of the deal to bring Stuff in as a major investor. 

“We are very proud to be a Stuff business; they help create businesses such as ourselves and in turn, can use this to help fund journalism in New Zealand without the need to introduce pay-walls. We also share a common community focus, with Stuff’s overall strategy being ‘to help Communities connect and thrive”.

A year has gone by since our first launch in Auckland, and we are very satisfied with the progress and the savings that we have delivered up until this point. It all comes down to the fantastic support we have had from our members, our suppliers, our investors, and finally, our team. In our next blog post we will tell you what makes our team unique!